Sometimes in life, you are blessed with serendipity, and it is from my experience that I have the luck to randomly meet more that extraordinary people jut like that.
Marc Atlan is of course one of them. I didn’t know him until I met him ( duh!!!) but I realized afterwards that I have liked and bought almost every single items he has designed:
I frenetically wear and search the web for my favorite fragrance Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum (discontinued 10 years ago)
If I had pictured a pack of cigarettes in a post it would be with the Yves Saint Laurent one.

Marc Atlan is one of the most consistent designer, all his creations are noticeably stamped by his talent yet, stays always minimalist and uber-clean at the service of the iconic brand ( YSL, Helmut Lang, James Perse, Comme des Garcons, Prada, … )
And recently, for the first time, Marc designed and created his own perfume: Petite Mort that condensed in my opinion all of the essence of Marc:

From the concept ( the most sexual scent you could imagine) to the execution and design bien sur, this is a true UNIQUE and powerful creation inspired by one Woman, of course she had to be some woman, one of kind…

Petite Mort captures the emotion and excitation (literally) of a Woman, l’√©moi d’une Femme in French: