Euro Blondes

In the home country of Barbie, Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, and many other insignificant blondes,

I thought I should give some credits to the original, and spicy ones that mostly came from Europe:

★From Italy : Monica Vitti  ★ From Austria : Romy Schneider  ★ From France : Brigitte Bardot

La Poule et ses Coqs

American Food

American cop

Food is America is more a utility than an art, and when the Americans try to go fancy gourmet style, it is a bit of a shock culture for a Frenchie:

(mouse over the images to see the French interpretation)

The Cupcake is to American what Macaron is to French:

Warning: not kosher ! chocolate spotted at WholeFoods, the flavor : BACON !!

Cheese in a spray can – Only in America !

Paris shopping


As I have a NY girlfriend traveling to Paris for the 1st time, I made her a list for a cheap shopping in Paris (at least the cheapest  possible as we, Dollars earners, can really afford anything overseas right now). So here is my ideal shopping list from Paris with the addresses on a Google map on where to find it at the end of the post:


  1. CREALINE H2O BIODERMA – Best Skin Cleanser, make-up remover – 9 Euros
  2. MONOI HEI POA  – Pure Monoi Oil form Tahiti – 10 Euros
  3. LIERAC “APAISANCE” Anti-Aging Cream  for sensitive skins (Great for winter) – 30 Euros
  4. VICHY DEODORANT 48 HoursSpray deodorant no perfume my favorite – 7 Euros
  • Note : when in Paris got to the Pharmacy City Pharma, they have the cheapest prices and great selection.


  1. DEMAK’UP – Extremely softs cotton pads, I am addicted to them – 1.50 Euros
  2. NAIR CIRE DIVINE au Monoi – Microwave Wax comes in 2 flavors Berries or Monoi –  6 Euros
  3. CHOCOLAT COEUR DE NOUGAT – Run straight to the chocolate alley, it’s heaven – around 2 Euros
  4. FOIS GRAS – It’s French tradition for the holidays, and you can get them through US customs (just make sure it is NOT refrigerated ) – 10 Euros

You can buy all this and much more at Monoprix ( it is could be an equivalent of Duane Reade in NYC  plus they have clothes too ! )


  1. DARJEELING – Black Sheer panty with stones – 15 Euros
  2. PRINCESSE TAM-TAM – Polka dots bra & thong – 39 Euros & 25 Euros
  3. ETAM  – Natalia collection, Garter Belt – 25 Euros
  4. MONOPRIX – Deep Navy Bra & frou-fou panty – 20 Euros & 10 Euros

Below is a quick set done on Polyvore with some Parisian shopping, all below 100 euros or almost…

Some affordable shopping in Paris by Madame Lolo on

Items in this set: Fur & Gold Boots | San Marina, 149 EUR Metallic Bracelet | Pimkie, 5.95 EUR Little Black dress | Pimkie, 20 EUR Crealine H2O Face and Eyes Cleanser, 9 EUR Neo Disco Gold & Black Sandals | André 99 EUR

And here is below, a quick maps of the Parisian Shopping with New Yorker’s stores references:

View Madame Lolo In Paris in a larger map

Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Smokers

Some smoking shots of smokers smoking

[nggallery id=2]

Smoking Smokers by Peter Funch from Babel Tales

Keep On Smoking, Don’t Stop…

At $10 a pack my addiction is getting more costly than crystal Meth or Crack cocaine, but there is a an old school vibe to it that I like, and of course being French doesn’t help quitting… I smoke Marlboro Lights or Winston Lights (The Euro version, blue pack) and it’s funny how there is less difference in the taste between those 2 brands than between American Marlboro and European Marlboro , even the filter’s color is different, I wonder why ?

I have customized my trash can on my mac as a pack of cigarettes,  here is the link to get the icons to download the city icons set and the the coffee shop set (in which you will find the “loosie”  burning cigarette icon.

Cigarette Icon

Cigarettes socks by ashi dashi
Vintage Lucky Strike Pin-up

Lolo Monroe

Also if you would like a lucky strike icon to custom your mac, you can find it here on the iconpaper site, a great selection of customs designs for your Mac, iPhone, etc…

Lucky Strike Icon (from