Euro Blondes

Romy , love the hair style

I must admit that the all American blonde girl, has never done it for me, on the contrary European blondes have this little “je ne sais quoi” that makes the difference

La Poule et ses Coqs

Sublime Coq by Roger Excoffon, 1963

The French Bird and Icon, should change their icon to a proud coq in my opinion

American Food


American food compared to French food in images … with just a mouse over

Paris shopping

Heroine og by sometimes

Just a post for New Yorkers who plan to visit & shop in Paris with Pesos (Dollars)…

Smoking Cigarettes


Dieu (et quelques autres) est un fumeur de Gitanes …

Keep On Smoking, Don’t Stop…

Burning Cigarette icon

Cigarettes Icons, pictures and more…