American Food


American food compared to French food in images … with just a mouse over

Hi(Pad) Haters !

Hi Haters !

A quick post on the iPad, and some vector resources to illustrate your presentation & mock-ups, until we all get one in spring!



I moved from la ville des lumières to the City of Neon Lights… some inspiration

All Leopard everything

beret leopard

Leopard coat is a major trend this winter… Me like it !

It takes two to tango


A quick images gallery of famous couples

Paris shopping

Heroine og by sometimes

Just a post for New Yorkers who plan to visit & shop in Paris with Pesos (Dollars)…



A collection of “F-words” for the typography lovers…



Tara Donovan & Chris Jordan, are some artists I just recently discovered and truly liked.

MoMA with PoPa


A quick visit at the MoMA, is always a pleasure. this post has been done only with and from the iPhone… Enjoy !

Graffiti New York City

letter O from Graffiti Taxonomy : Paris

Just some links and personal pictures of random graffiti and murals in NYC

Make me up before you go-go

Girl with Hair Ribbon

Some Inspiration for Halloween Make up style, very creative ideas from Mac (The Other One… cosmetics)

Smoking Cigarettes


Dieu (et quelques autres) est un fumeur de Gitanes …

So Frenchy So Not Cheap


Some French things that are “indispensable”

911 ain’t a joke in this town

Twin Towers in a rainy day during fashion week

A very modest tribute to NYC and its iconic skyline

Gone Baby gone…

keith haring baby

The saga of the Bowery & Houston mural, from Keith to Haring to Shepard Fairey

Keep On Smoking, Don’t Stop…

Burning Cigarette icon

Cigarettes Icons, pictures and more…

Stuff Tourists Like #2


Another Stuff Tourists Like : the I ♥ NY tee-shirt

Quel temps de … shit

Temps de Shit

A quick selection of the art shows I wish I would go to instead of tweeting and cleaning this week-end

How to smoke smarties


Watch the video to see how you can puff on a smartie

Meet Bruno, my uber-gay cousin from Austria

From Cohen

It is a Cohen thing, we master the leopard print underwear.

Stuff tourists like


Stuff Tourists like in NYC: it is going to be a new category on the site. Stuff that tourists like in NYC, and that New Yorker hate… today: ABERCROMBIE

The End of an Era.…

DKNY wall - January 2007

The Famous DKNY wall is no longer a mark for tourists in despair, has been covered up. It was a … Read the rest

My Hairs in a Recession ??? Hell no !!

big hair

Or how to get Kerastase & other hair products for less … click to see how

New Iphone today…


New iPhone 3GS is so-so ok, but the new MacBook rocks !!