Hairy legs

fur boots

Find out how hairy legs can become your sexiest winter look !

Shop And The City


Welcome to New York the Shopping Mecca ! Here is a short list of shopping spots for the ladies

American Beauty

american beauty

Here is a short list of what beauty products to buy in New York

Obsession of the Month

Obsession of the Month

Red Leather Pants, Leopard Jacket, strong Eye Liner & Crazy Sex Hairs, What more can I ask ???

Shopping list


A quick shopping list of presents to get for Hannukah & Xmas, I am sure I will be adding more to this page in the coming weeks…

Stuff Tourists Like # 3

rickshaw2 banksy stuff tourist likw

Stuff Tourists Like edition 3 : Apple Store

In the Army


Khaki is the New Black, get ready ladies

All Leopard everything

beret leopard

Leopard coat is a major trend this winter… Me like it !

Paris shopping

Heroine og by sometimes

Just a post for New Yorkers who plan to visit & shop in Paris with Pesos (Dollars)…



Tara Donovan & Chris Jordan, are some artists I just recently discovered and truly liked.

So Frenchy So Not Cheap


Some French things that are “indispensable”

My Hairs in a Recession ??? Hell no !!

big hair

Or how to get Kerastase & other hair products for less … click to see how

New Iphone today…


New iPhone 3GS is so-so ok, but the new MacBook rocks !!