Streets as your living room


New York streets belong to us, and everytime the weather permits it, we are taking the concrete jungle over to make it our own living room, not very Crate & Barelly but Barely our corner

Euro Blondes

Romy , love the hair style

I must admit that the all American blonde girl, has never done it for me, on the contrary European blondes have this little “je ne sais quoi” that makes the difference

La Poule et ses Coqs

Sublime Coq by Roger Excoffon, 1963

The French Bird and Icon, should change their icon to a proud coq in my opinion

Shopping list


A quick shopping list of presents to get for Hannukah & Xmas, I am sure I will be adding more to this page in the coming weeks…

Money Island


Coney Island is just a few stops away from Money Island.

Only in NY


Some very “cliche” things about living in NYC, that still do the magic trick for me, Only in NY, Kid, Only in NY !

Red, Rouge, Red


This Fall I want & see everything in ROUGE

Stuff Tourists Like # 3

rickshaw2 banksy stuff tourist likw

Stuff Tourists Like edition 3 : Apple Store

New York Best Kept Secret


New York’s best kept Secret … click to learn about it

New York Photo Booth


Where to find Old School Photomaton, PhotoBooth in New YOrk City, I have tried a couple of them and it’s always fun…

Walk on the West Side


When living in one side of the city, going to the other side is always an expedition, so here is my walk on the West side on a sunday afternoon

$how Me the Money

A Milli

A lot of Street Art openings in NYC in the past week, and Street Art nowadays means Dolla Dolla Bill Y’all …

Welcome to America


Some American myths, when your favorite movie as a kid was War Games…

In the Army


Khaki is the New Black, get ready ladies

Love Letters


Love letters for a typographic valentine

Kaiser Karl is in the house


The Kaiser Lagerfeld dans toute sa splendeur…

American Food


American food compared to French food in images … with just a mouse over

Hi(Pad) Haters !

Hi Haters !

A quick post on the iPad, and some vector resources to illustrate your presentation & mock-ups, until we all get one in spring!



I moved from la ville des lumières to the City of Neon Lights… some inspiration

All Leopard everything

beret leopard

Leopard coat is a major trend this winter… Me like it !

It takes two to tango


A quick images gallery of famous couples

Paris shopping

Heroine og by sometimes

Just a post for New Yorkers who plan to visit & shop in Paris with Pesos (Dollars)…



A collection of “F-words” for the typography lovers…



Tara Donovan & Chris Jordan, are some artists I just recently discovered and truly liked.