Hairy legs

In the era of affordable laser hair removal everything (thanks to Groupon, Living Social deals offers) I have discovered that hairy legs in the winter could actually be your most sexy option.

My snow white furry boots taking the bus

Wild hair everything !


Indeed, this winter I have decided to go fully haired on the legs , opting for a chubaka look, and I have never been so popular ! As I was getting tired of the UGG boots for winter (…and to be fully honest, Monsieur Popo, my male counterpart, put a veto on the UGG look) I decided to buy last summer the long hair goat boots fur, that if you are old enough were trendy in the late 70’s in Courchevel and other uber fashionable ski-stations.

Fendi ones

The only thing is I decided to get them in white, which for NY streets might not be the easy way, but I found out that you can just put them in the washing machine, and after don’t forget to give them a Blow-dry other wise you will have 2 wet dogs at your feet!

You can find some affordable ones on ebay and etsy, or where I got mine a ski accessories site for $200 or less.

Now if you add a heavy & precise eyeliner to your look you’ll get close enough to Linda 

Double Smoking

Kate Proud smoker

Well it is about time for another post about smoking dear “alternative” readers, right on time for the law that passed in NYC, that means you can not smoke in public outdoor places such as Tompkins (???) Park, Coney Island , and any other parks or beach in the city… except for my secret beach ( it is a federal beach, so legal terms here, bla, blah, we can smoke!!!)

Kinda depressing, just when the summer kicks in, when they finally install free wi-fi in parks… So long to my morning coffee-cigarette-reading emails in Union Square on my way to the office…

So dear (French) tourists please note that you will get a $50 fine for smoking in Central Park, Battery Park, Times Square ( yeah even if there is no tree or grass, it is a considered a park, go figure….) So I say, instead of a no smoking post, I’m gonna double it that’s how Pro-smoking I am !

Smoking & Fashion :

A love story that never ended. Fashion magazine is the last place you can see hot smokers blowing on your face, as nowadays you see more the I-am-missing-throat-4fingers-and-3toes smokers in picture 😉 also because in French the tuxedo is called smoking and it is for sure one of my favorite outfit for a woman, sooo fucking sexy !!!!

And what did I noticed first when I was at the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the Met ? His very first serie of smokings…

Alors les filles on assorti son paquet de Saint Laurent à aon smoking (in case you didn’t know the “inventor” behind the smoking for woman, and this awesome pack design by the fantastic Marc Atlan):

Double smoking baby : it can’t get better than that !!

I am telling you cigarette is the ultimate fashion accessory, check out the latest VOGUE (and guess from which country it is …)



Hats are everywhere this summer ladies, and it is trend that I really enjoy, and the we shall fully embrace for several reasons :

1. ONE SIZE FITS ALL … you feel me ? For once I don”t have to worry how fat girls looks in hats ( contrary to skinny jeans, micro-shorts, mini skirts , leggings, and multi-layers style…)

2. It is the MOST EFFICIENT WAY to cover your party (work in my case) all night face, your biggest pimples issues, and for my American ladies your “bad hair day”.

3. STYLE  U UP : no matter what you wear ( and trust my experience) put a hat on, and all of  a sudden, you become “OMG soooo Stylish !!!!”


Note : all styles of head accessories works this summer, with the exception of :

– Bandanas : unlees you are from New Jersey, and still a fan of Gun and Roses this is an absolute no-no

– Visor caps : Hello Jackie Collins….

Plus with hats, I can play around easy on Madame Lolo’s avatar

Shop And The City

apple store

Welcome to New York the Shopping Mecca ! Here is a short list of shopping spots for the ladies handpicked by yours truly

View Shop And The City in a larger map

1.The Apple Store

Central Park – 59th Street & 5th Avenue

You know you are gonna go there, it is the only place you can drag your boyfriend into and then while you’re there you can stroll along to Barney’s, Tiffany’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and even H&M ! Best part about it is that it’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it has the cleanest bathroom, and you can check your email or skype your mom from there. What more can you get ??

2. Bergdorf Goodman

754 5TH AVE & 57th Street

Beautiful windows and the best shoes department in New York to experience a Sex and the City moment !

3.H & M

51st Street & 5th Avenue

No need for an intro here, it is just the best h&m in town, with 3 floors, and of course ya know it is a NYC standard opened 7 days a week…


Another place to hang out and enjoy, not sure about spending though…, but you can totally pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw or Blair Waldorf up in here !

5. Forever 21

Or Forever 51 it depends who you shop with : from pre-teen to menopause girlfriends you can always find something to (hot) flash to Bieber or Clooney : Super-cheap and borderline tacky but cool if you mix with more upscales brands.

6. Bigelow

414 6TH AVE & 9th Street – West Village

The only Pharmacy in NYC that reminds me of France , I usually go there when missing my favorite French Beauty products or just to see what’s new in beauty-land.

The Strand

828 BROADWAY & 12th Street -Union Square

Le Gibert Jeune de New York , great place to buy books of course but also postcards to send to grandma and get the ultimate hipster look with their cotton shopping bags, better than the I love NY bag.


44 E 8TH ST & 20 more locations

Needs a drag queen touch? Perfect for anything that involve glitters, wigs, cosmetics, hair lines, and sexy costumes you will find at Ricky’s , Plus theere are always some fun gadget to buy. Definitely a NYC spot.


9.Patricia Field


To stay on topic Drag Queens meets Sex and The City fans it is THE New York Fashion Place!



Always finding something in here, especially the J+ collection ( Jill Sander)



A bit more expensive than H&M and Zara, but a good spot to get accessories & shoes that have a London Hipster touch



The only Japanese size I can fit in , actually that my apartment can!

13.Opening Ceremony


The Colette of NYC and the destination for fashionistas.


Broadway & Grand – SOHO

Nice and affordable home decoration store ikea like for new yorkers

15. Steve Madden

I love Steve MaddenChina shoes can’t beat them for “inspired” replicas and awesome colored shoes at their outlet on Rivington ( 2 pairs of uber sexy wedges for the summer for $40)

16.Century 21


I thought I should put it on the map anyway because you,  dear tourist will go there for sure.


Renew & Relax Inc
50 3rd Ave between 10th & 11th street

Or best mani-pedi as we say here. You will find that in NYC there is literally as many mani-pedi salon as there are Boulangerie in Paris, one on each block, the price is really cheap around $10 for a mani, but the quality varies. I love RENEW & RELAX because all their tools are uber clean, the staff doesn’t change , and my manis are always awesome! Definitely a must do when you are visiting NYC.

And finally some tips to make your shopping experience even better :

  • Do not wear heels, you are going to walk like never before here, so dear Frenchies use your Converse, dear Italians rock your Puma’s.
  • Duane Reade is your friend: I can guarantee you , you’ll buy something in it from Tooth whitening, to shampoos, to nail polish or Cinnamon Chewing-gum.
  • Free WiFI at any Starbuck’s & Apple Store : useful stops if you came with your iPhone or iPad
  • Choose one neighborhood  per day and stick to it : NYC is very dense but huge at the same time, there is no way you gonna see everything in a day or 2. just pick one and enjoy!
  • Time Square is over-rated : If you must go just pass by and take a couple of pictures, stop by the M&M’s store with your kids and move on!.

Euro Blondes

In the home country of Barbie, Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, and many other insignificant blondes,

I thought I should give some credits to the original, and spicy ones that mostly came from Europe:

★From Italy : Monica Vitti  ★ From Austria : Romy Schneider  ★ From France : Brigitte Bardot

Obsession of the Month

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Obsession of the Month

So I have fallen in love with this total look :

  1. Red Leather Pants
  2. Leopard Jacket
  3. White Shirt
  4. Heavy Eye-Liner
  5. F@#k-All_Night Hairs

For number 3, 4 & 5 no issues there, easy to find …

But an alternative to the Dolce & Gabbana leopard Jacket , and Balmain Red Leather pants had to be found !

So here are my trophées :

Zara Leopard Jacket – $129

Take it a size smaller it runs big, and it looks nice when fitted

H&M Red Leather Pants with zippers – $149

Et Voila ! Now I just need to buy Kate Moss’ face & Body at a discounted plastic Surgeon Clinic , and I am all set !!

Shopping list

Mustache pillow

pour Monsieur Popo

Geek Girl Necklace $2.80

Pour les French Geekettes

Leopardess Necklace : $9.80

Pour mes Leopardesses

Marc Jacobs Jelly Bracelet Set $15

Pour les Uber fashionistas Mamas

DJ Ring $17

Pour les girlfriends de DJ


Nothing better than leopard to get you through customs

Leopard  Luggage Tag $20.00

So that nobody mix your black suitcase anymore

Xmas Labbit $24.95

‘Cos I collect them

Smoking Teddy Bear $29.95

Sold Out already

Zipper Pulls $5

My nephew loves them

Dolce Vita Fur Boots $308

to warm up your NY winter look

Zara Leopard Jacket $129

looks better a size under ( I already got it ! )

Asos Red Skinny Jeans $55

still looking for those in leather

Gap (kids) Sweater $34

Kids size works even on me ! I am a big one

Gap Boyfriend Tuxedo Pants $69

Love tuxedo pants for the winter

Victoria’s Secret Tube Winter Dress $78

Very “Marion” like with uggs and black tights

Victoria Secret Gold or Black Sequin jacket $139

‘Cos you always need a little Bling in your life !

Asos Silk Jumpsuit with Open Back $100

Always loved the Open Back clevage, easy sexy

Red, Rouge, Red

This Fall I want & see everything in ROUGE , mon amour:


I have been rocking the Red lips ever since a true Make-up Artist ( Maud Laceppe) taught me how to do it like you’re on the runway :
  1. Hydrate lips
  2. Carefully line the lips with REDD lip pencil from MAC, or True Red By Laura Mercier (for example) drawing a little  outside for bigger lips
  3. then just fill it in and hopefully you will get something like that 😉


From Isabel Marant red leather pants, to Zara tailored pants, to Gap Corduroy , I want them all !

And of course Red Shoes & Red Clutch …

And some red images to match this whole post :

[nggallery id=7]

In the Army

This Spring/Summer fashion trend is all about the military ( Army or Navy) but I am kinda over already the navy stripes, I have seen too many, so I’ll just focus on my obsession of the month Army Green ( Khaki in French) :).

Inspired by Balmain Spring/Summer 2010

And this editorial from VOGUE Paris

Now stuff the affordable version :

  1. PARKA ☞ TOPSHOP ☞ $125.00
  2. TEE-SHIRT ☞ ZARA  ☞ $29,99
  6. SHORT ☞ AMERICAN EAGLE ☞ $34.50

Kaiser Karl is in the house

As it is already fashion week season in New York, I thought I should follow the trend and do a little tribute to  the Kaiser Lagerfeld 🙂

I don’t know Heidi Klum. She was never known in France. Claudia Schiffer also doesn’t know who she is.

Bling is over. Red carpetry covered with rhinestones is out. I call it the new modesty.

Chic is a kind of mayonnaise, either it tastes, or it doesn’t !

I have no human feelings

On this Saturday, February 13th on sundance Channel ( channel 101 for Time Warner Cable NY) there is a serie of documentaries not be missed if you like fashion & its unique atmosphere:

It’s called The Day Before, and it is to summ it up a Jack Bauer drama (queen) clone of what happens 24h before a fashion show. begins , Tivo it ! and Karl documentary with Fendi starts at 6pm.

Here is a preview:


On same day and by the same director ( Loic Prigent) there is also:

All Leopard everything

Fall/Winter 09 Isabelle Marant

I have this thing for Leopard print, I always have a piece of clothes or accessory with this fierce Animal Print< so when I looked at this winter collection, I was so happy that the leopard coat was back in trend.

@ Isabelle Marant:

Fall/Winter 09 Isabelle Marant

@ Christian Dior  Resort collection 2010:

Dior Resort collection 2010

On a more realistically affordable note , there is this Zara coat

Or on Etsy or ebay you can find some niece and cheap pieces:

Etsy Leopard coat - $188

And here is below an expert of my personal collection of leopard items…

[nggallery id=6]

Paris shopping


As I have a NY girlfriend traveling to Paris for the 1st time, I made her a list for a cheap shopping in Paris (at least the cheapest  possible as we, Dollars earners, can really afford anything overseas right now). So here is my ideal shopping list from Paris with the addresses on a Google map on where to find it at the end of the post:


  1. CREALINE H2O BIODERMA – Best Skin Cleanser, make-up remover – 9 Euros
  2. MONOI HEI POA  – Pure Monoi Oil form Tahiti – 10 Euros
  3. LIERAC “APAISANCE” Anti-Aging Cream  for sensitive skins (Great for winter) – 30 Euros
  4. VICHY DEODORANT 48 HoursSpray deodorant no perfume my favorite – 7 Euros
  • Note : when in Paris got to the Pharmacy City Pharma, they have the cheapest prices and great selection.


  1. DEMAK’UP – Extremely softs cotton pads, I am addicted to them – 1.50 Euros
  2. NAIR CIRE DIVINE au Monoi – Microwave Wax comes in 2 flavors Berries or Monoi –  6 Euros
  3. CHOCOLAT COEUR DE NOUGAT – Run straight to the chocolate alley, it’s heaven – around 2 Euros
  4. FOIS GRAS – It’s French tradition for the holidays, and you can get them through US customs (just make sure it is NOT refrigerated ) – 10 Euros

You can buy all this and much more at Monoprix ( it is could be an equivalent of Duane Reade in NYC  plus they have clothes too ! )


  1. DARJEELING – Black Sheer panty with stones – 15 Euros
  2. PRINCESSE TAM-TAM – Polka dots bra & thong – 39 Euros & 25 Euros
  3. ETAM  – Natalia collection, Garter Belt – 25 Euros
  4. MONOPRIX – Deep Navy Bra & frou-fou panty – 20 Euros & 10 Euros

Below is a quick set done on Polyvore with some Parisian shopping, all below 100 euros or almost…

Some affordable shopping in Paris by Madame Lolo on

Items in this set: Fur & Gold Boots | San Marina, 149 EUR Metallic Bracelet | Pimkie, 5.95 EUR Little Black dress | Pimkie, 20 EUR Crealine H2O Face and Eyes Cleanser, 9 EUR Neo Disco Gold & Black Sandals | André 99 EUR

And here is below, a quick maps of the Parisian Shopping with New Yorker’s stores references:

View Madame Lolo In Paris in a larger map

Make me up before you go-go



1. Start out on your clean face. Lightly buff a thin layer of Luna Cream Colour Base all over your skin with a #187 brush. Set it with Gesso eye shadow and a #116 brush – pressing the eye shadow in rather than buffing it.

2. Using Blacktrack Fluid Line and a #266 brush – paint in your eyeliner and brows – don’t be afraid to experiment with painting an expression on.


3. Sculpt your cheek bones with a bit of Concrete or Omega Eye Shadow and paint your lips a daring red.

4. Finally, find a chopstick or something in your house with a small round shape that you can use as a stamp. Scrape some Passionate Eye Shadow onto a small kitchen plate. Mix some Fix+ into the scraped shadow – make it not too watery and then dip your stamping tool into it and go to town with your dots.




There is also other step by step Halloween make up inspiration, avalaible here (Just change  the number at the end of the url to have acess to all the pdf , ex :…./looks/print/Halloween1.pdf, …/looks/print/Halloween2.pdf)